SO I have an emotional support dog and I took her downtown and a drunk guy touch her and i ask him not to then he yelled at me “Get a vest!” I yelled back “she’s a therapy dog.” luckily my husband was there with me. I almost started to cry. I wanted to punch him and beate him up. I was so upset. I told him to hold my dog and my bag and he did and I was about to run back to beat him up but he grab my arm and I just about started to cry on his shoulder in the middle of down town. totally had a panic attack. it was awful. how can people be so rude? I was so distraught. all I could think about was ways to hurt him, punch him, or say things back to him. He was so mean to me. SHE AN EMOTIONAL SUPPORT DOG! I was wearing a badge to show it and she was wear a large RED tag that said it! it was dark, but still you dont just go up to someones dog without asking and pet their dog. I’m just venting but I couldn’t believe it. I’m still upset I want to hurt myself so bad… But I know I shouldn’t and I AM going to resist the urge but I CANT STOP THINKING ABOUT IT! I’m so paranoid about the whole event. I wish it never happened. Why do people not think things through? Don’t they care about other peoples feelings? I really, really wanted to hurt him. First time I EVER want to hurt someone physically and the first time I stood up for myself in public like that. it was so weird and scary… I’m normally implosive, but this time I was explosive…. .whats next?