The Dream of Mars


So I vividly dream on a nightly basis, sometimes multiple times in one night and most of the time (normally upon waking) I remember my dream. Sometimes I get so lost in my dreams I wake up like I come out of a comma and have to reorient myself to my surroundings and to my own being – and people wonder why I have a hard time with reality, psht. Last night I had a weird/good/interesting dream that I feel like sharing. Comments are very much appreciated and welcome! 

So I was going on vacation, on a cruise ship to an island. I didn’t know where the island was but someone offered to pay for my boyfriend and me to go so i agreed. Well before we left I was at my aunts house who had a raccoon (true story) and she kept trying to bite me (also true a few times in real life) but she bit me multiple times in my dream. We were locked in the master bedroom at my aunts and I had to stay there for some reason. Well my boyfriend came and “relieved me of my duties” in the room and then we were on the island. It was a beautiful island with large trees, running water, a water fall into a large fresh pool, and also animals of all kinds. One, specifically, was a tiger that was inside near the pool in a screened in pool area. It’s night out but I could see the stars and a brightly lite night sky to see the clear sparkling water. There wasn’t a moon that I can remember but the screened in porch where the tiger was had a dim glow of star lights and soft lights such as a string of “Christmas lights” hung around. Except the lights were further apart so it wasn’t so bright. Trees from what looked like a tropical rainforest lined the tigers cage inside and outside the pool area. 

I was with the people that paid for me to go and my boyfriend and something was happening.. I don’t remember exactly what but all of a sudden the tiger was gone out of the cage and I remember thinking “thank god he’s free” and then we saw large waves over the house coming towards us. We clung to a short wall making a corner as the waves came crashing into the pool cage. Huge tidal waves one right after the other. Filling the pool cage and beginning to drown us. The island seemed to be going under water, but we were trapped by the roof. We held our breath as each wave passed – drowning us deeper and deeper into the ocean. I remember, not panicking, but as a survivial instinct would kick in, i felt determined. Responsible. I wanted to protect those I was with so I had to stay strong. 
Here I remember thinking – the tiger knew that’s why he escaped (which leads me to question was he really caged?) after the waves were over our heads and the pool area was filled to the roof with water – It was time to get out to swim to the surface and to breath. We were all drowning. I let go of the short walk and swam in the clearest of water – almost like it wasn’t even there. Somehow, With the air filling my cheeks, I was able to recycle the air but the oxygen was running out as I swam out the door. As I got out I tried to breath, choking on water and as I got out of the cage and began to try to surface a few things occurred to me; 1. If I left them now and the water is too deep how can I swim back down to save them, and if the waves are still crashing the current will take me away and I won’t be able to find it. Then, as I continued to choke, I realized I could breath under water and I was basically choking on the thought of drowning not the actual water itself. By this time, I had swam up a tree over the patio and I grabbed onto it which made me feel a pulling sensation toward the surface. I couldn’t leave my friends and boyfriend so I swamback down to save them. But we were figuring out we could breath so I stood there wondering if we were even underwater? And that pulling sensation toward the surface, was gravity lessening on earth? Or were we truly underwater? If so how could we stand without a weighted belt keeping us below the surface? 

As I pondered this, I turned to look up at the sky and there spinning through the stars is mars. The black and red surface dazzling like a lava disco ball towards the north west. As I was thinking of how beautiful the red and black rock was I heard someone say, “hey look at Venus” i kind of rolled my eyes inside because it was obvious that it was mars but I just allowed it to be and continued watching. After the comment though, something really strange happened. Like little trundles of lava, sparks rose from the ground – like reverse globs of rain. It was spectacular to see. That’s when I felt the gravity pull me again and realized that mars was pulling this towards it – including me. I stood firm not to be taken by gravity. But then, Mars started traveling in the opposite direction. Then as if it got slung like a boomerang, it curved around toward our island. Right to me! When I grabbed ahold of it, no bigger than a volleyball, it turned into 6-7 (no idea exactly but around that) silvery rings in the shape of the ball made if some silver crystal rock, dense but very light.

 I wanted to keep a piece so I tried to break a piece of the rings off, but when I chipped a piece off the rings started falling apart but they continued to spin. I tried to place them all together and send the hollow ringed rock back into the air but it caught the tree and continued to shake the rings – like an amateur trying to hula-hoop multiple rings. It never broke off an axis. Then it got caught in a tree. I looked at the piece I had in my hand and wondered if what I did would cause something traumatic. 
Then I got distracted and my dream turned into a map of where we were and we were all the way across the Atlantic Ocean near where Spain/Italy would be yet it wasn’t like our earth map. It was different, there were islands that lined the whole side of those continents. And we were in one much like Ireland but south of where Ireland would be. And there was a line where we had traveled from Florida to that island I had never heard of. And we were going more south but I couldn’t see where. 

I’ve looked up some meanings but I’m still unsure. 


The Full Moon and Crazy Awesome Dream


So this weekend is supposed to be when the moon is the closest to the earth, and it’s supposed to be a visionary, healing moon. I have to go outside and meditate when this moon arrives. I need to be there to see if I get a vision, or if it brings up any hidden secrets, or if it shows me something. It could possibly heal my mental aliments and guide me to some where new. Speaking of guiding, I had a dream last night of what I believe it to be a Phoenix, and according to it represents, transformation, immortality and renewal. You are moving toward a new phase in your life. It may also mean that your past continues to haunt you.

What was amazing is the pheonix was an AMAZING light blue color and according to; The presence of this color in your dream may symbolize your spiritual guide and your optimism of the future.

When I looked up to see if there was a real bird like this I found the near-threatened and uncommon Resplendent Quetzal, which has a picture attached. from

When you look up what they mean, they were known for goodness, light and by the Maya, guides. So either way, I saw my spirit guide last night in my dream. Wow, talk about amazing. I wonder if the full moon has already began to show me what I need to see and give me direction to where I need to go and who I need to be.

Ever since I started school I have never felt more in the right pace as I do now. I’ve been to 4 different colleges and tried many things in life, but nothing ever stood out or made me feel like “this is it” but now I feel like “THIS IS IT”! ! ! ! I also met some one new. I didn’t think I would be able to date someone again for a long time, given the divorce and the old bf… I needed to work on myself but here I am, with this new found guide, this feeling of being exactly where I need to be and finding my way, even if it is small steps to greatness.