Thoughts on my thoughts 


The end result I can never manage to create. I have a story, I begin to write but the words only create a long misunderstanding of what I want to say, what I want the reader to see, to understanding… it’s like having the image of the Mona Lisa in your head and drawing a stick figure upside down. I started with this beautiful story and all that comes out is misrepresented words to the new world. 

It’s like trying to write a book and all I can do is write a summary without giving away the ending because I don’t even know it. I have so much I want to share but expressing it doesn’t come easily. 
Any tips? 


4 thoughts on “Thoughts on my thoughts 

  1. Start with what comes to u mind first. Then go with a flow. Shape ur story as write. U don’t need to know the end. U can let the story tell u the ending. The only tip is start and don’t stop.

  2. Also ur the creator of ur story. So dont worry if it’s good or bad. Write first. U can give a it a better shape letter. Don’t let frustration to not form right things get to u. Bcz ther is no rules.

    Ur d master of ur creation. Ur story. Ur rules. Ur way 🙂

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