Stand up for yourself!


“Always remember, your focus determines your reality” -George Lucas


So negativity is huge in our society, and we are faced with the challenge to either be negative with the people or turn the other way and bring happiness to ourselves.

Last night I tried to help my friend who was having a bad day but he shunned me bc he’s negativity was just so strong. It was hard to look at him the rest if the night. Then he said mean things to me bc of his bad night. He tried projecting his bad/negative energy onto me bc I was trying to smile all night even with blisters on my feet. (I work in a restaurant). But he kept trying to pull me down with him. Eventually I just stopped talking to him but unfortunately he is my good friend and he needed a ride home after work. So I took him home, the negativity continued, I never told him my feelings which is something I should have done bc now I let my inner child know that I didn’t stand up for myself which sends me the unconscious thought that I don’t love myself enough to tell him how I felt. Standing up for yourself even if it’s with family, good friends, or strangers is very important. By the end of the night, I gave him a hug. He then apologized bc he knows I’m having a hard time to – but it didn’t stop the negativity which makes me wonder if he really meant his apology? Probably not – it was just a customary gesture.

Stand up for your inner child and respect yourself through words, actions and thoughts! Don’t allow outsiders to bring you down, only you are able to control your positivity starting with your thoughts.

When I got home I meditated. It was a rough one bc of all the emotions I was feeling, but I tried as best as I could. I just needed “to be”. After I meditated I got a strong urge to draw (it’s been months) and I started sketching all the forms of energy, solar, wind and next on the page will be water. Focus on the elements of the earth to help find balance in your spirit.

Remember to love yourself and others, but number 1 is most important. Fill your own cup then move on to others.

Love ME journey!


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