Less IS More


This can be taken in a multitude of different ways, such as friends I would much more rather have QUALITY over quantity. Or materials, because I have not become attached to materials anymore I appreciate the things I do have much more even though there is less I feel more full. Take a moment and really feel what this could be speaking to you-you might need to lessen something in your life to make room for higher personal growth 🙂 ❤

I would wish you luck; but in truth I believe that is the energy you put into your positive thoughts that transform to positive actions that reflect positive karma that make our day good, so instead think happy thoughts today and every day of your life, even in bad situations bc your thoughts will change any perception.


Be Honest with Yourself – who wants to get better?



I keep wondering why I pull this card? What am I not being honest with? I thought that maybe my ED progression has been bc of my liking to this guy, but it’s not – it’s me. It’s an excuse. I’m being false; I’m afraid to get better. If i get better, TRUELY better, I won’t care how fat I get – or I’ll loose my control (aka my control through ED) I want to log into my ed website so bad. I mean of course I’ll be “healthy” heck there’s a chance I’ll be more fit and healthier than I am now, but there’s is another chance I will get fatter. That’s what I’m lying to myself about.

Not loving myself I am comfortable because it’s what I know. It’s what I’m use to. It’s my safety bubble – hating myself is easy.

I thought it was bc I was jealous of his ex bc of her supermodel body – nope I’m afraid of getting better. I’m afraid of loosing my control and finding the right light to walk in. Yea I can fake it till I make it but I’m already spiraling down and I’ve been falling into my ED habits. I need to gain control through another way. I can’t run bc I have severe blisters. I need new shoes that I can’t afford.

I have to stop these bad habits! I have to love myself and GET BETTER! Soon loving myself will be easier. – impeccable words – the first agreement!

Zen Mind – never expect an achievement because you will never gain a TRUE achievement that way.

Stand up for yourself!


“Always remember, your focus determines your reality” -George Lucas


So negativity is huge in our society, and we are faced with the challenge to either be negative with the people or turn the other way and bring happiness to ourselves.

Last night I tried to help my friend who was having a bad day but he shunned me bc he’s negativity was just so strong. It was hard to look at him the rest if the night. Then he said mean things to me bc of his bad night. He tried projecting his bad/negative energy onto me bc I was trying to smile all night even with blisters on my feet. (I work in a restaurant). But he kept trying to pull me down with him. Eventually I just stopped talking to him but unfortunately he is my good friend and he needed a ride home after work. So I took him home, the negativity continued, I never told him my feelings which is something I should have done bc now I let my inner child know that I didn’t stand up for myself which sends me the unconscious thought that I don’t love myself enough to tell him how I felt. Standing up for yourself even if it’s with family, good friends, or strangers is very important. By the end of the night, I gave him a hug. He then apologized bc he knows I’m having a hard time to – but it didn’t stop the negativity which makes me wonder if he really meant his apology? Probably not – it was just a customary gesture.

Stand up for your inner child and respect yourself through words, actions and thoughts! Don’t allow outsiders to bring you down, only you are able to control your positivity starting with your thoughts.

When I got home I meditated. It was a rough one bc of all the emotions I was feeling, but I tried as best as I could. I just needed “to be”. After I meditated I got a strong urge to draw (it’s been months) and I started sketching all the forms of energy, solar, wind and next on the page will be water. Focus on the elements of the earth to help find balance in your spirit.

Remember to love yourself and others, but number 1 is most important. Fill your own cup then move on to others.

Love ME journey!

My ME journey


So I started taking care of number one- me! The first thing is positive words, saying what you want has an effect on how you react. Every action has a reaction so if I say “I hope” instead of “I will” then I’m leaving room for failure. So first things first! I will become more intune with ME and I will succeed! Even if there is a bad day, I will continue to improve and set my life straight! No more negativity!

I got into a fight with the ex today but instead of hurting and yelling at him, I allowed myself to experience these emotions of hurt and pain and I understood that he too has pain hurt jealously etc. so instead of making it worse for Me I allowed myself to just let the hurt fill my lower body with fire and I let it go. Through out the whole conversation while he was angry with me, I continued to release this energy from the fire pit in my stomach and I just “was”. This fight/conversation I knew would end and I will continue to live while he would dwell and I felt sorry for him. What was done was done and I wasn’t going to go back to a relationship of ups and downs. I’m in it for me and thats what I’m doing.

Since this experience of realization- yesterday- I have been happy about everything. I met the most amazing person who taught me so much about how I need to do this and he has had amazing success with his. So I’m am “being” here in this moment right now as I write you at this coffee shop, I have no money, my phone and debit card was stolen I’m in large amounts of debt but I’m here and I’m enjoying writing to possibly be some help to someone somewhere. I will think about those problems, but it’s only a thing an action that I must do at some point. And I’m not doing it now – so why think about it other than tell you what I’m doing to help myself. I didn’t buy a smart phone, I bought an old flip phone. Why bother and waste my time on needless things that make me worry and waste my time. Yea people can post wonderful stuff but how does that help me when nothing is helpful to ME?!?

I will continue to live in this moment and I will enjoy my time here. I refuse to spend my time on useless things.



I’m a failure. No doubt. I went home. I didn’t stay. I dream of things that only normal people can have. I have relapsed into my ED and cutting. My family allows me to live here but are unsupportive and drunks. I wanna drink and drown everything out but I cut and not eat instead. But when I do allow myself to drink one day I’m going to get hammered I bet… So I just don’t drink unless it’s a glass of wine.

I dream of doing normal things, like having a family or kids, but I know that it’s improbable bc of my disorder. I can’t live with myself and I can’t with without anyone. But I can’t live with anyone without being able to love myself. So here I am alone and helpless… Suicidial again. How do I go to work and put a smile on when I have this hate inside myself? I just want it to be over… What’s the point of living if living is a prison in my mind? And no one can fix it but me and I don’t know how. I have no control over anything and I’m finding it hard to get out of bed again. I hate myself.

I just want to curl up in a ball and stare into nothingness. I can’t shake this funk. But when I have I ever been able to? Even when I was there I probably was just putting on a face to make it happy. But I can’t do it on my own. I can’t be happy on my own. Idk how. I’m stuck in this awful world inside my head that no one loves me, but I can’t live unless someone loves me… So it’s a conundrum of wanting love that I don’t believe is there…



I don’t know what to do. I want to stay here and live my life away from where I grew up, but money is an issue. I’m tired of being repressed by the greed of money! When did it start that education cost so much for the pursuer to be indebted to the binding contract of the education that served him.

I want to be happy, money is not happiness. Being in debt is not happiness, but having the job I want is. Should I stay or should I go? Would going home trigger me back into my depression, or just the people in which I hung out with – or lack there of? Would staying here make us both happy on account of we might end up breaking up anyways because we don’t want the same things out of life?

Decisions, decisions.