Why do these simple word form a simple sentence that make me feel so inferior to myself and make me want to crawl into a hole and die? It’s just a fucking song! but these words the rhythm. there are many like it; that surface feelings of hate, love, passion, desire, fear, regret, foolishness, sadness and a combination of all them plus some that are not mentioned.

It’s like a light to a bug I can’t stop looking at the horrific death that is to come to me. I know I shouldn’t listen to these songs, but I do. They bring out at least SOME type of emotion.


If my husband were to find this blog he would probably think that I don’t love him. But let me just give a side note: bc of my BPD (and other with BPD and people who know BPD know this) I do not understand feelings of the past, present and I can’t comprehend feelings of the future. WHich is why I always make the same mistakes and I can not control my feelings. I do not learn “patterns” of emotions like normal people do. SO do not take the previous comment to heart if you do so find my blog. Bc I always feel this way when I listen to a song. It’s not that I don’t love you, it’s just that my emotions flux and I get a different mood.


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