New Meds…


Invega… What a wonderful drug. I have no thoughts of killing myself. which is great right? However, I am a vegetarian. A strict one and this medication doesn’t care that I am, and my will power is ZOOM out the fucking door. I had a chicken nugget. A FUCKING CHICKEN NUGGET! WTF?!?!? I wasn’t even craving it I just ate it like I have been eating them normally. Sorry Doc, I know it helps with my suicidal tendencies, but my beliefs are a little more important to me.

I mean whats the point if you can’t stick to your beliefs as a human? I’ve been a veggy for almost two years now and I rarely eat junk food and now I eat junk food like every day and i ate a fucking chicken nugget like it was a french fry with no care about my belief…. nope sorry not doing it anymore. I’ve gained almost 10 pounds and i have no care about my health and nutrition. NO THANK YOU!

Peace Invega, my mind has been calm about hurting myself but now I have developed a new sense of hurting myself because I can’t fucking eat healthy. SOOOOOO LONG! seeing my doc next week.


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