The People of My Small Town


I wonder why I live here…

There is a store here called the “Dollar Tree” for those of you who are not familiar with it let me explain to you how this store is set up. As you can assume from the name DOLLAR everything in the store is ONE DOLLAR (for those of you who know this you are probably already laughing). There are signs ALLLLLLL AROUND saying “EVERY THINGS $1”. NOW my puppy is sick and I’ve been in an anxiety attack for OVER 3 days now shaking uncontrollably and taking my meds like tic tacs and I know that they have measure cups for ONE DOLLAR, why go buy some for 5 bucks, just for her meds that I’m only going to use a few times right?

So I look frantically for the kitchen supplies because I don’t know where anything is because I like quality things, but for a teaspoon I’m only going to use a few times I’ll pay a buck for, I’ll search. Now I pass a lady who has a sign right next to her the says “everythings $1” and I friggin kid you not looks at her friend and these are her EXACT WORDS “those are nice, but I don’t know how much they are.”

Seriously folks?! I wanted to point to the sign that was right in next to them but I didn’t want them to feel like the idiots that they were, I wanted them to “figure it out” maybe they would get smarter, because you know what they say, if you show a baby how to do everything they never learn anything…. maybe… I’m just saying… here’s your sign…. however you want to end it…. PEACE!


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