Med Change…. (POOR LANGUAGE – not grammar poor – but vulgar, well probably grammar too)


FML! THey changed my meds WHAT FUCKING FUCK WERE THEY THINKING?!?!?!?!? 100mg of Desyrel (Trazodone) for a 102 lb 22 yr old GIRL?!?!?!? I slept 16 hours a fucking day! AND I COULDN”T WAKE UP FROM MY DREAMS! ! ! ! so i’m trapped in my nightmares. FUCK YOU! I stopped taking all my meds except my Topamax, Xanax and Effexor THANK YOU!  I’ll take the paranoia and anxious thoughts over being lazy and groggy all the fucking time with the paranoia and anxiety STILL! I need to function to live! How am I supposed to “get better” if I’m so drugged out of my mind that I can barely walk to the bathroom in the morning?

Lets try herbal supplements like Passion FLower – to help with anxiety – so far – still shaking from anxiety but my mind feels a little better, so now I just have to chug aaaaabout mmmmm 4 gallons of tea a day and we’re good…..


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